Akira Wada 


1978  Born in Chiba, Japan. 

2001  BA in Ceramics, Arts Department, Bunka Gakuin, Tokyo 

          Studied under Ceramist, Katsuji Uwataki 

2005  Set up his own ceramic studio
          Recognized as full member of Japan KOGEI Association 

2007  Granted a Fellowship of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for 

          Artist by the Agency of Cultural Affairs, Paris, France 


Solo Exhibitions 

2023   - Knead,Grind,Carve,Bake - Ceramics Exhibition, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store, Tokyo

     150th Anniversary of Chiba Prefecture WALK ON THE EDGE Ceramic artist Akira Wada                               exhibition Sakura City Museum of Art,Chiba

   30th Anniversary Exhibition by Ceramic Artist Akira Wada - Light and Shadow - Mashiko                      Ceramic Art Museum,Tochigi

2022  White Setting Akira Wada Exhibition,Contemporary Crafts Fujinoya, Sano

          Akira Wada Exhibition,GALLERY KOHODO, Gifu

2021  CONTRAST - Light and Shadow - Akira Wada Exhibition,Yamaguchi Prefectural Hagi Museum      

          of Art/Urakami  Memorial Hall, Yamaguchi

          Akira Wada Exhibition - The beauty of white porcelain created from sharp forms - Chibagin

          Himawari Gallery, Tokyo

2020  Takashimaya,Kyouto/Osaka/YokohamaJapan

          Gallery Utsuwakan,Kyoto,Japan

2018  Yusai Gallery,Tokyo,Japan

          Gallery Kurimoto,Niigata,Japan

          Sendai Mitsukoshi,Miyagi,Japan

          Akira Wada Ceramic Art and Sculpture, Chiba Citizens'Gallery Inage,Chiba,Japan

          Akira Wada Ceramic Art and Sculpture, Toki station Gallery,Ibaragi,Japan

2017  TŌBI Art Fair, Mitochu Koeki, Tokyo,Japan

2016  Gallery Cajio, Tokyo,Japan
2012  Kandori Gallery, Tokyo
,Japan (16’)

          Yamani Otsuka Gallery Midori, Tochigi,Japan 

2011  Kakiden gallery, Tokyo,Japan (13’)

2010  Chiba Mitsukoshi, Chiba,Japan
2007  Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi, Tokyo


Art Museum Exhibitions 

2023  Contemporary Ceramics: Thinking Forms Kikuchi Collection Exhibition

          In search of new forms Mashiko Ceramic Art Museum, Tochigi

2022  22nd Okada Mokichi Award Tomorrow's Crafts MOA Museum of Art, Shizuoka

     Ceramics connecting to the future: Power of traditional crafts exhibition (8 museums nationwide)

          Genreless crafts National Crafts Museum

        5th Kanazawa World Crafts Triennale 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

2021  Rich Tea Ceramics, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki

     History of modern tea pottery exhibition Toki City Mino Ceramic History Museum, Gifu

2020  National Crafts Center Ishikawa relocation and opening commemorative project participation

    Crafts 2020 Nature and the Forms of Beauty  Tokyo National Museum Hyokeikan, Tokyo

         Blue or white Celadon, white porcelain, blue-white porcelain, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki

2019 21st Okada Mokichi Award, The Forefront of Contemporary Japanese Crafts, MOA Museum of

         Art, Shizuoka

    25th Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition Invited Exhibition

    21st DOMANI Tomorrow Exhibition, At the End of the Heisei Period, National Art Center, Tokyo

2018  Vessels:Kasama and Mashiko,Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum,Japan/

          Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art,Tochigi,Japan

          Sozo Kaigan Inage.Chiba Citizens'Gallery Inage,Chiba,Japan

          New Acquisitions,Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum,Japan

          Tea Ceramics -Hagi 2018,Hagi Origami Museum,Yamaguchi,Japan

2017  Modern Crafts and Tea ceremony II, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo,Japan
          Mr. K’s Collection. Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center, Gifu,Japan
          Modern Tea Ceremony, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki,Japan
          Present of Porcelain in the Tea Room by 6 Artists, Nezu Museum, Tokyo,Japan
          Porcelain in Evolution – from 1980’s to Present, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki 

2016  REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT, Panasonic Shiodome Museum, Tokyo,Japan
          Modern Ceramic Art Guide: Evolving Form, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki

2015  Japan KOGEI Association East Japan Section, MOA Museum, Shizuoka,Japan
2014  The Power of Creation, Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, Tochigi

          Modern Ceramic Art Phenomenon, Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Ibaraki,Japan 

          Ceramic Vessels from Kanto, Itami City Industrial Arts Center, Osaka,Japan
          The 19th MOA Mokichi Okada Award Exhibition. MOA Museum, Shizuoka

          Into the Fold: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Horvitz Collection, Harn

     Museum of Art, U.S.A

2013  Master Teabowls of Our Days. Musée Tomo, Tokyo,Japan
          Cheongju International Craft Biennale Main Exhibition 2, Korea
2012  Moden Sculpture: Life&Art - Feel Ceramics, Higashihiroshima City Museum of Art, 


          The 12th KAJIMA Sculpture Competition,Kajima KI Building,Tokyo/Asto Hall,Osaka,Japan

2011  6th Paramita Ceramic Art Grand Prize Exhibition, Paramita Museum, Mie,Japan 

          Tea Ceremony - Modernity in Molding and Design II, Gallery Voice, Gifu,Japan 

          The White Period, Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, Tochigi,Japan 

          Outdoor Sculpture Half a Century Exhibition, Kitakyusyu Municipal Museum of Art,                     

          Riverwalk Gallery, Fukuoka/ UBE Tokiwa Museum, Yamaguchi,Japan
          REVALUE NIPPON PROJECT. Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum,Ibaraki

          The 24th UBE Biennale,Tokiwa Park,Yamaguchi,Japan

2010  About The Tea Ceremony - A Viewpoint on Contemporary Kōgei, The National
          Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

          The 10th Oita Asias Sculpture Exhibition,Asakura Fumio Memorial Hall,Oita,Japan

2009  60th Anniversary: Chiba Prefectural Selected Artists Exhibition, 

          Chiba Prefectural Museum of Art, Chiba,Japan


Ceramic Wall Works

2005  Horizon and Wave,Satominoyu,Chiba,Japan 


Selected Workshops

2013  Work shop and Slide Lecture,Kasama College of Ceramic Art,Ibaragi,Japan(14',16')

2012  Work shop and Slide Lecture,Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center,Gifu,Japan


Awards - Ceramic art

2020  Japan Ceramic Society Prize 

2017  Newcomer Award - The 15th Chiba City Arts and Culture Freshmen Award
          The Encouragement Award - The 37th Traditional Japanese Culture POLA 

          Award The Governor of Tokyo Award - The 64th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
          Grand Prix-The 7th Kikuchi Biennale

2016  Grand Prix - The 9th Modern Tea Pottery Exhibition TOKI

          Takashimaya Art Prize - The 27th Takashimaya Culture Fund
2011  Grand Prix - The 6th Paramita Ceramic Art Award Exhibition
2010  The 50th Memorial Award - The 50th Eastern Japan Traditional Kōgei Exhibition
2009  Encouragement Award - The 3rd Kikuchi Biennale
          Masuo Ikeda Special Award - The 20th Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition

2007  Japan KOGEI Association Award - The 35th New Works of Ceramic Arts 


Awards – Sculpture 

2011  Yamaguchi Bank Prize - The 24th UBE Biennale for Material: FRP 

Public Collections 

Imperial Household Agency

Japan Foundation

Chiba City

National Crafts Museum

Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum

Mashiko Ceramic Art Museum

Musée Tomo

Toki City Mino Ceramic History Museum

Midorigaoka Art Museum

Paramita Museum

Takashimaya Historical Museum

Ise Cultural Fund

Chiba Bank

Cincinnati Art Museum (USA)

Minneapolis Institute of Art (USA)

Allen Memorial Museum of Art (USA)

MINKA Museum of Contemporary Art (Argentina)


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